Have you ever looked back at a yearbook picture and wondered, "What was I thinking when I decided to put that on?" Or maybe it was reminiscing about a past relationship and you thought to yourself, “Why Lord?” Listen, taking a trip down memory lane can make you question your taste, decision-making ability, and whole mental state! I've been blown away all week with this notion that we, as humans, know what's best! In season, we pick an outfit, a relationship, or a job that we feel will surely satisfy our swag or desires --- only to come to the end of that season and realize that we didn't have a clue! You see,  in season, everything is good, or so it appears at the time! I can't tell you the number of times that I felt like life would end if things didn't turn out exactly the way I planned --- only for them to go in a totally different direction where I have to give God ALL the praise for not allowing them to go in the direction I felt in my shortsightedness! You see, God doesn't make decisions based on being in his feelings. That's what we humans do! God sees our whole story and has enough foresight to know that it has to go this way for it to totally work for our good, not just for that season! 

Can I take a moment to testify?! Boy am I glad that He didn't let me stop believing that there was a man out there that loved Him the way I loved Him. You see, this love was my only request to God regarding a husband, but there were so many moments that my feelings lied to me saying, "your standards are too high!" My feelings said, "no man will be faithful if you aren't putting out!" The reason I rejoice is, despite my feelings, God knew He had created a man named Travis just for me! My Travis is a man that loves God exactly the way I do! 

God went further to prove to me that he knew better than my feelings when I took the standardized test to get into Dental School and made a score that made me feel like a failure. God used that score to prove to me that He is all powerful! He allowed me to make that score, so I wouldn't be in Dental School feeling like I could do it with my own ability! He kept me on my knees before Him. As a result, I found true freedom in Christ! I gave up on my own ability. Through full dependence on Him, I finished all my dental school requirements 6 months before we were set to graduate, first in my class. If that wasn't enough, while I was in the hospital fighting for my son's life, He allowed me to establish history by becoming the first person for whom my Dental School had ever held a private graduation ceremony, in the chapel of a hospital! When I tell you, our Daddy knows much better than what we feel! He knows every path necessary to fulfill the story He has written for each one of us! This is why we must abandon the uncertainty of being "in our feelings," and embrace the "promise of God's Know!"