How often do we make the decision in our life, "I'm gonna have to make this happen?!" There is no area where we deviate from this line of thinking. The moment we feel as if what we are desiring isn't happening fast enough or in the manner we want, we decide to take matters into our own hands. We go after that husband, having that baby, getting that money, or even arriving at the level that we feel the world deems as a success! 

You know I have a 2 year old that functions just like this! His name is Jace, and he is in a stage where his innate response to anybody trying to help him do anything is "Mommy, I got it! I got it!" He thinks that he is capable of making anything happen all by himself! Most of you are probably laughing because you have a toddler or have seen one try to take matters into their own hands and completely fail causing utter chaos! They end up frustrated, disappointed, or defeated all because they lacked the wisdom to take an accurate assessment of their weaknesses and limited ability. 

I hope, by now, you have drawn the parallel! God is literally looking down from Heaven with His hands stretched out trying to help us, and we're continuing to scream "Daddy, I got it! I got it!" We don't pause to pray to gain instructions on how to proceed forward or to find out if we should proceed forward at all! So we end up just like little Jace, frustrated and broken, as a result of the chaos we produced through our "I got it" method! 

We have to own the reality that without God we aren't able to do anything! He tells us, "Apart from me you can do nothing!" {John 15:5} So, the next time we're tempted to take matters into our own hands, I want us to picture little Jace and decide I will no longer live my life like a 2 year old! I'm an adult, and I know how limited I am without the help of my Daddy!