For the past few days, the enemy has bombarded my internal space with every reason to give up on the things I fought hard to begin. He gets us in moments where we feel like we are failing as a wife, mother, daughter, and even in the area of helping to encourage others. We begin to ponder, "What makes me special?!" "Daddy, who am I anyway?!" "Do I have anything of value to give?!" These thoughts will lull you into a place of doubt, low self worth, and ultimately back to your knees in a desperate way!

That's what happened to me! I began to scream from my inner man, "Daddy, arrest these thoughts! They are in violation of my destiny!" Bold, courageous, and priceless thoughts are only permitted here! Every thought outside of these are tools of deception. Through prayer, my Daddy began to remind me of reality!

He allowed me to stumble upon a video where a person was breaking down the importance of enjoying the process! The speaker challenged the viewer to find joy and gratitude for who you are, and where you are TODAY! This line of thinking set something off inside me. It reminded me, the Jackie I am Today is the woman in my yesterday I prayed to become! You see yesterday, I was too afraid to try anything; for fear that I would miss the mark of perfection! In the latter part of 2016, I decided that "Fear, anxiety, perfection, and doubt had no place in my life!" I would dare to trust and try again, so I began to pray that the version of myself that I am today, would manifest! 

A girl that might talk a bit fast, or need practice in learning to flow continuously. One that would have to go through process to become all that God has for her...but one that welcomed the journey! The journey of finding her voice, her truth, and her rhythm. That's who I am! Today, I will feel fear but do it anyway! I continue Forward because that's the only option I allow for myself! Being stagnant, comfortable, and safe are no longer options! So I take this moment to celebrate Today! The Forward Woman I am right now, is all that God needs to continue to propel me FORWARD! That's a reason to celebrate! Celebrate the "YOU" that you are TODAY!