We are in a “what it looks like” epidemic! It’s a time where we fix our actions and motives on what things will  look like to people, rather than living from the trueness of what God has placed in our hearts. We suffer paralysis, lack of fulfillment, and lack of authenticity all because of what it may look like, oftentimes just for a moment.


“I can’t do my hair like that because it will have to look like transition for a moment.”


“I can’t start my own business because I may end up looking like a failure.”


I can’t date that girl or guy, even though I know they’re really dope, because I need to know what they look like to people”


You see, we delay on God ordained relationships, business ventures, and divine calls from God because we choose to bow a knee to the master of “what it looks like!” I became weighted with this need to encourage someone to go after it, regardless of what it looks like! It’s a prison cell sent to disrupt your freedom, and you can walk out of it today! I know all too well how stifling, suffocating, and immobilizing living based on what it looks like, can be! People’s approval and permission was my stumbling block for way too long! That’s why I want you to live based on the new found understanding that He gave us permission...to live our real authentic life, apart from the pressure of what it looks like in our various stages and phases.


We have to go beyond what we may look like to man for a moment, to allow God to fulfill what He desires to last. We may look crazy, like a failure, or even weak; but it is crucial to exalt obedience to God over what we look like! God looked like He was defeated! He looked like he was weak! He looked like he was a failure, and not one of these things were actually true! It was just what it looked like for a moment, which is no match for what the truth really is! Be encouraged to live your truth unhindered by what it looks like!