While laying in bed tonight, I was thanking God for all the ups, downs, highs, and lows that he has brought me through. He has helped me maintain my ability to love anyway, believe the best, and never move from a posture of prayer. When I say that he is Everything, I mean he is ERRRRRRRthang! 

So many of you beautiful women and even a few men often write me and ask for advice about various topics: Relationships, finance, grief, self-worth, and the list continues. What I have realized is that the answer to all of this is always Him. God gives us the know how, the courage, the right people to help perfect the areas of which we lack. He is our sustaining force. 

This is to encourage anyone out there who is struggling in your own might to make things work out. This is to encourage the one who can't sleep because of so many worries. Take rest today. God is EVERYTHING you need. Wherever he leads, simply follow.

wherever he leads, simply follow. (1).png