Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes, a new car, a new house? Can you remember the distinct smell, perfect shine, and the amazing appeal of the item upon possessing it? It's so amazing, how you can tell right away, when something is new! Newness has a look, a smell, and a compelling nature that makes it desired above all else.

How many of you are frustrated with the old? Old ways of thinking, old ways of communicating, old ways of getting results. You are weighed down by the the shame, guilt, disappointment, and even fear of who you've been. You desire to turn a new leaf, but somehow you continue to arrive right back to the place of the old you!

I know that feeling all too well, my sister! I believe that you know that feeling also. There were times when I could sense the potential for newness just locked up inside of me, but I was declining every invitation that God was extending to help make me new. Every time He nudged me and asked, "Baby just let me have that! Let me take control!" He was presenting an invitation into the new! Every time he created a divine release of a friendship, relationship, or career, and I said,  "No, Daddy I'm not sure how life will be without that". So, I continued to hold on! I declined the invitation for "The New!" 

God wants us to realize that He has designed a personalized class called, "Your Life 101". This class is an opportunity for each of us to accept this invitation to live life a new way! My class is called Jackie 101; its where God has outlined all of the amazing parts of me that are waiting to be unveiled, but I must first, step into my New! 

God is pleading with us to let go of the way we've been, so that he can bring to life, the New You! The You that He created, not the one you manufactured! God is asking you, today...."How long will you wait before you step into your New?" 

People on our jobs, in our families, and in relationship with us are desperately waiting on the New You to finally arrive! They need your newness to help them become bold enough to step into their New! 

So, forget the old and step into the Newness that God has offered you, because NEW looks good on you!!