I’m currently on a trip with my team and we decided to go kayaking. Yes, kayaking! We were all nervous about flipping the boats, falling in and the world beneath the waters we couldn’t see. The fear of the unknown had our hearts racing and nervous. We were trippin’! It wasn’t until we got in the water and gave up our fears of being submerged underwater that we relaxed and slowly drifted on the waters. We became still and rested in the beauty of His creation.

So I asked the team what is the one, big thing you’re giving up? What are you trusting Him to flex in? For me, it’s my natural hair. For years, the enemy would use this outward characteristic to shape how I viewed myself. The opinions of others would weigh so heavy on how I felt. I would constantly wonder if others liked my hair. Did they think it was cute? No More. I was tired of this one last thing hanging over my head as it pertained to my physical appearance. I wanted my heart and mind free to fully appreciate who He created me to be in every aspect.

So I gave up. I let it go and gave it up to the One with every answer. It was a two-part process. Not only do we stop trying to control things in our strength and power (Give Up), but we allow Him to do what only He can do with it (Release Up). When we understand the freedom that comes with that release its life-changing. Perspective-shifting. We’re no longer concerned with other’s perceptions or the irrelevant measures of success we create for ourselves. It changes the standard we live by. Our very being becomes based on our ability to rest in His strength. His consistency. His faithfulness. His ability to know EVERY NEED and provide it EVERY TIME.

So sister, what is that area you’re still struggling to see the beauty in? What are you trying to conquer in your own strength? What is the enemy using to hold you back? Give It Up & Release It Up to Him! Get still & REST! Rest in the truth of His promises and NOTHING else. Let Him have it and watch Him work! Be confident in who He created you to be. Daddy will do it every time! He is just that good.