We live in this world but we surely aren't of it! Did you know that the way we see time, success, and even what's good or bad; is much different from God's perspective? You know we hear all the time that we we are made in the image of Christ, and therefore our goal as a Christian is to become Christ like! He is always aiming to shift our perspective on the way we look at a thing! 

God wants us to love the things He loves and to hate the things that break his heart. This will present us with opportunity after opportunity to sow or lay down our desires, will, and preferences, to pick up His. The truth is, He knows much better than we, what we truly stand in need of! Today, I want you to MAKE ROOM in your heart and mind for God's perspective! Today, I  want you to Remove Everything in your life, that holds you back from keeping a grip on His perspective! 

A time where I had to make room is when I had to lay down other people's opinions, perfection, fear, and even a lot of hurt places in my heart! I had to allow God to go in and do supernatural surgery on my inner man, so that I would have the capacity to carry all that He desired! He can't come in if there is no room. Make Room today, my sister! Declutter from failure, disappointments, heartbreak and busyness! Make Room for Him!  He is the answer, the solution, the void filler, that you've been looking for!