In a world that is so fast paced, where it's all about making moves, the concept of "Being Still" is foreign to our generation! God slowed me down last night to have me examine what it means to Him in Psalms 46:10 where it says, "Be still and know that I am God!" He totally blew me away with the revelation that He exposed!

While reading my study bible, it showed me how the Hebrew meaning of the phrase "Be Still" can be translated as "let go!" Let Go! Really, God? You're really going to throw that kind of curve ball at me tonight?! It went on to say, that we need to quit holding on to things that keep us from exalting God and giving Him His proper place in our life. This is the letting go! This is the being still that God is after!

In reflecting on this simple but profound truth, my questions to you are the same as what I asked myself last night; "Why are we so afraid to be still? Why are we so afraid to let go?" For most of us, if we're honest, the reason we retain such a tight grip on those things that block God from having His rightful place is because we care more about those things than we do God!

I know this is a hard truth, but we can't be healed from it without facing it. The truth is; the way we appear to people - whether it's the car we drive, our level of accomplishment, or the way we look aesthetically - it all gets in the way of getting to God and allowing him to have his rightful place. We cling tight to all these baby idols. Our cars, our houses, our careers, the desire for a spouse, the love of money; and our grip on God becomes almost nonexistent! Perfection is still my weak spot! It's what I'm always in a battle of holding on to! I don't like areas of perceived weakness! I always want to be great at what I do! The way I look! The way I speak!  But sisters, he reminds me CONSTANTLY that, "Jackie, your place of weakness is my entry point to reveal my strength!" That's why God loves the broken parts of us! It is here where He is able to be revealed! 

We must ask God to heal our hearts from finding value in things that will burn up and fade away! If I appear perfect to everyone else and miss Him, what value have I gained? We have to allow him to re-establish our value in Him alone. Then, being still and letting go becomes easy and even joyous! It's this type of heart surgery, that moves us to the place of knowing that He is God!