"I see you" and "I'm listening" are the words we often long to hear. We give our all to being the very best mother to these beautiful gifts God has blessed us with. Our new normal becomes a life of not enough sleep, very little personal time-(bathroom time included 😩), and from the moment our eyes open, we are strategizing on how to make this the very best day for our families-talk about a full-time job! Oh, if their little hearts could speak! I'm sure we would often hear things like: "Mommy, there is no place where I feel more safe than in your arms!" Or "Mommy, how did you manage all of my vomit, accompanied by my blowout, and my older sibling screaming because he needed you too?" I believe they would say, "Mommy you're my superhero, because nobody does 'mommy-ing' quite like you!" How these little words would calm our fears when they are not feeling well and we feel that we don't have the answer, or when we are so sleep deprived that we just cry from being a bit overwhelmed. 

Oh, the joys of being a mother! Motherhood is a badge of honor that no one can ever take from you. You nurtured a whole human being inside of you for close to a year, and dealt with the sickness and hormones that came along with it! That's reason enough to celebrate yourself! I wanted to take a moment to say to each of you mothers, "I see you" and "I'm listening!" I see that you were hand picked for this task, and if God called you to it, He surely will provide the grace necessary to get you through it! I see that you are enough despite what the devil may whisper! So what your kid still sleeps in the bed with you. So what they suck a pacifier or their thumb. So what if they don't get a home cooked meal everyday. They are alive! They are loved and they are safe! You're giving it your very best....and that's enough! We are so hard on ourselves! These little mighty mites came with no instruction manual and they are all so different, but somehow you jumped in there and figured it out! Give yourself a break and celebrate all the things you've done right! I think the most precious thing we have in our pockets as moms, is the fact that God always sees and He's always listening! If you are overwhelmed today, let Him calm your every fear and give your heart peace again! Momma! You're doing an AMAZING JOB and I SALUTE YOU!

To every one of my dear sisters who are holding on to the promise that you too will share in the beautiful, chaotic joy of motherhood, know this: our Daddy, our Abba, our Father, sees and hears you too! He is faithful to perform His every word! I SALUTE YOU TOO for keeping the faith!