We just finished a series at our church called "Tryouts!" The series was all about being brave enough to start trying and, in some cases, to try again! The timing of this message could not have been more right for me. I believe that this is also the case for many of you! We're almost at the close of the 1st quarter, and we're beginning to faint, to question, to doubt. The year began full of excitement about what 2017 would hold! We made our vision boards. We left doubt and hopelessness back at December 31st. We steadied ourselves to really go after it! At Forward City Church, we declared that 2017 would be the year of NO DELAY!

I determined that my excuses weren't good enough and that my imperfections were no match for God’s glory being revealed! So how are we doing ladies?! I'll speak for myself! There are moments when I wonder if I should just throw in the towel, stay comfortable, and not endure all this stretching! Stretching hurts! Sometimes, it'll even cause you to cry due to the pain that comes from using muscles that have been on standby. Lord I don't have the skill set for this job. I've never loved like this. I don't speak eloquently. Then God, like a personal trainer whispers, "Daughter, you can do it! I got you! I'm with you every step of the way!"

This is a message to encourage any one of my sisters who's contemplating giving up or not starting to get in the game and stay in the game! Get you a home girl to go through the tryouts with you! We're stronger together! Don't faint now! You've come too far, and the world needs what you have! I know the process hurts right now! Listen. There are always areas in our lives that could use improvement, but I want to remind you to celebrate every small victory! Small victories lead to big victories! Look at how far you've come! This is what the enemy tries to hide from us! The progress within the process! Keep moving FORWARD! You only lose if you stop trying! You never know – this last attempt may be the very one that changes your whole life! Be Brave Enough to Move! Live Foward. Try Again.

Here's a link to the 1st message in the series, check it out:  Walk on the Word