A few Sundays ago, during our worship service at Forward City Church, Pastor Trav made a statement while exhorting that has continued to empower me. He stated that God’s peace BELONGED to us! God’s freedom BELONGED to us. Immediately, the imagery of peace and freedom being likened to my children, whose hand I would hold tightly (out of a need to protect them) came to mind! They belong to me! How dangerous it is to take or mishandle something that BELONGS to me!

We do everything in our power in today's times to secure and protect our possessions. Think of a mother bear and the way she fights viciously to defend her cubs because they belong to her. I want to provoke a fierceness on the inside of each one of you, to fight with all you have, to maintain those things that our precious Savior gave EVERYTHING for us to have. We have to stop standing by and allowing the enemy to take what is rightfully ours!

Our Daddy adopted us as sons and daughters. He removed the orphan status we once lived in! He made us heir to all good things! We Belong to Him! His Peace, Joy, Blessing, Resources, Godly Children, Godly Marriages, and Boldness BELONG to us! We must do everything in our power to defend what our Daddy has given us! How many of you are ready to stand and fight for what BELONGS to us?!!