Have you ever been asked to define yourself? Who is Jackie? What makes you…YOU? One of my mentors hit me with this question the other day, and it rung in my ears and heart ALL day long. When you think about it, it really isn’t a new question, though is it? Haven’t we all been guilty at some point of moving through life asking other people this same question about ourselves? All because we were unsure of the true answer to the question? We may not have overtly just came out and asked, but we would be screaming this same question nonetheless, through our actions that were seeking validation or through compromises to feel more wanted or valued. All in all, everyone goes in pursuit of finding the answer to this question. Some may call it human nature but I truly believe it's God’s programing that causes this longing to know who we are and our voice.

I want to propose a prescription that will help eradicate several diseases all at once. The disease of identity confusion, low self-esteem, people pleasing, inability to celebrate others, counterfeit-ism, need I go on. Man, I must say, I have seen the impact of this medication in my own life. Take a moment to slow down and actually ask your CREATOR, Who Am I? What do you say about me? The power in asking the right person is that you don’t get opinions from Daddy, you get FACTS!!! Have you ever entered an argument with FACTS?! Oh, it's game over! The enemy, society, & people all present arguments and lofty opinions about who we are. We have to demolish those arguments and lofty opinions with the FACTS that our Daddy teaches us about ourselves. 

I asked God the other day, Who is Jackie? He said Jackie is mine. She’s found in me and hidden in me. She’s one who’s made the decision to allow me to totally rule. She’s a woman of Grace, Authenticity, Power and Love. In that moment, I was like Yeah Daddy, that’s Exactly who I am! These are my FACTS! So when weakness, compromise, judgment, fear or any other thing in opposition to what my Daddy says, shows up……I pull out my FACTS and demolish arguments! There’s Power in finding your voice!!!!! I wanna know What DADDY has said about YOU! Who are YOU? What are Your FACTS?!!!