Beautiful, intelligent, and just crazy amazing----The whole world knows it, but what do you think? When you see yourself, what do you think? When you walk into a room, what do you think? Or, when you start the journey of a new relationship, what do you think? Are you flooded with the expectations, thoughts and opinions of others? Do your own thoughts, voice, and ideas drown in the sea of "what are THEY going to think?"


I feel that we as women all go through a season of suffocating under the weight of man's approval. I know I did,  but let me tell you how I finally breathed in new life! The first thing that had to happen, was for me to see the fight for what it truly was! These weren't innocent little thoughts that came with no agenda. No! They were vicious lies planted to confuse me about my worth and halt my progression forward! The enemy knew that if I Believed that I was inadequate; then I would live from that place and inadequacy would be all that I could see. 


The moment that light bulb came on, everything changed! I began everyday to fight to only speak out those things that my Daddy says about me! I'm priceless! I'm a daughter! I'm equipped for every good work! Just to name a few! I noticed the days of feeling defeated, muzzled, and insignificant became few and far between! 


Ladies get in this fight for your SELF WORTH! This is a real war that we have to win! We are incapable of living right without first seeing ourselves right! Brave Woman----You are EVERYTHING to God! Make sure the world knows that YOU know that as well!! 







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