Hello, my sister! 

Today, you might be in the fight of your life. The waves that are crashing down may even seem to be more than you can bear! I wanted to throw you a life line to remind you that in the hardest moments, GOD is still right there, which means you are safe!


I speak from a place of having fought through perfectionism, a miscarriage, a very premature birth and just being a water walker in general! I can tell you that I have had my share of stormy nights, but the one thing that never failed through it all was God being present with me! There were moments that Him being there was my only place of peace and comfort! There is something about the presence of Jesus that will stay your feet! Nobody holds you like Daddy! No one can calm your fears with the whisper of "I'm right here with you!" like Daddy can! 


Sis, I just wanted to remind you that He is the Great I AM!! He is strong enough! Even when we aren't, He is! If He's with you, you have to know that it's not based on what you see and not based on the outcomes but because of who God is - that GOOD is on the way! 


That's His word! He says I will make ALL THINGS work together for your Good! Be encouraged and don't give up because He is with you!!!!

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