I'm just one of those women who firmly believes that the only way it's worth doing is if I'm going to do it right! I would rather do without a homegirl or romantic love if the fundamentals aren't there! 


So let's talk about it! Here are my top three pertaining to relationships of all kinds because if we're going to rock....let's rock STEADY!


  1. What is their relationship like with God? Notice I did not say: What will their relationship potentially become? I want you to evaluate first and foremost, is God number one in their life? Not just by word but by deed/action! 
  2. Do they know and understand who you are? If a friend or romantic potential doesn't know or understand who you are, the inevitable result is mishandling! 
  3. Does your voice matter? If you go to your homegirl or your new boo with something that is on your heart, you want to be sure that they can handle your truth! Will they not only hear you but also honor your voice enough to consider what you said and make adjustments when necessary?


If these three areas are solid, I've seen in my own life that the Rocking Will be Steady 😍!

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