Do you have NOW faith? This question is such a piercing one as a Believer because we often think that the faith we have is current. 

For a long time, this was one of the major things blocking me from progressing the way I wanted to. I allowed myself to be okay with the faith God birthed in me while in undergrad, in dental school and as I fought for my son’s life. These were all moments that were absolutely defined by NOW faith in my life. The type of faith where you stay at the feet of Jesus to give you the strength to get through every moment of every second of every day. 

God wants us to see with “new eyes” how He is working in our lives daily. I had to recognize that those moments were amazing and life-changing for my faith, but I still had to get to the point where I was no longer satisfied by the faith instilled in me through what He'd done in the past. I had to grasp what I was confident and sure He wanted to do through me NOW! And THAT is what NOW FAITH is! FAITH for the thing He is wanting to fulfill in your life Now! Where is your NOW Faith? 

In life, God gives us faith to overcome every challenge we are going to face, but here is the kicker - we must use NOW faith to overcome these challenges. You can’t use strategies that worked yesterday for today’s battles! We have to walk in a current place with God in order for our faith to be ready for the Now things! My prayer is for Now faith for each of you! You will be back on the road to Forward Motion before you know it!