Are you having a hard time completely trusting God with an area of your life? I've been there before! God used two ways to increase my faith. 1) He used "Faith Stones" and 2) He continuously surrounded me with people who had the gift of faith because it's infectious. 

Think of every time in your life when you didn't think there was any way for it to work out, BUT GOD worked it out anyway! That's a place to leave a faith stone! These stones are so powerful against fear! They cause faith to win every time! 

As for surrounding me with people who embody faith, one of the people who consistently comes to mind is none other than my husband Travis. He is one of the greatest world changers of this time. The hidden power behind this man is his fearlessness to try. He is a Man of Faith, and he makes it uncomfortable for anyone around him to be anything but that as well. Travis has looked into my eyes in some of my most fearful moments and commanded the woman of faith that I am to rise up. Just as iron sharpens iron, so does strong faith produce more strong faith! 

God too has a plan to increase your faith. He wants to show himself strong in that area you are having a hard time trusting Him with! Open up your heart and let Him in. You've tried other things, but He's our only sure thing! Every other option will fail!