When I hear the word self-worth, the first thing I begin to think of is VALUE. What value do you as a person feel you embody? In today's time, this is a dangerous topic because we equate our degrees, marital status, and even things such as being a good homemaker, to be the sum of our worth. So what happens if the marriage fails, or the degree was attained 20 years ago? Do we then believe that our self-worth has diminished? Oh the danger in giving anything you can attain or lose too much weight.

Daddy wants us to know that we are priceless from the day we enter the world, simply because he says so! You see it's the creator of a thing that determines how much the creation is worth! He is the only one qualified because he knows how much time it took to create, what was placed inside, and how unique his creation actually is!

I struggled to maintain this understanding for a looooong time! I would "remember" for a season, and then somehow I'd land back at the place of questioning my value. This cycle was all because I was looking unto people to tell me their assessment of my value. Bad idea! Change in this area came when I finally grasped the depth of my value to my Creator, and how much He loved me! I began to own who God created me to be! The most powerful revelation came when I realized there was nothing I could add or take away...that would diminish my value! Never forget we were born priceless and priceless we will remain!