Let it begin Daddy...our journey FORWARD!

This is my love letter to you Daddy. I’m grateful for the way you’ve transformed me. We’re definitely not a finished product, but we’re now moving…FORWARD that is! For too long I was stuck on stupid. Stuck on excuses, on fear, on people’s opinions, then all of a sudden I was rescued by your love! Man your love! The way it captivated me, washed me, and renewed me! It helped me let go of my shame. Shame accumulated as a result of living a life of someone I was not…I was counterfeit! But that’s not the way you created me! You created me priceless, bold, unique, strong, and a leader among leaders. So what happened?! Life happened…people happened…loss of focus happened. I want to tell my story of why and how I started on this journey FORWARD!